Translation of the Interview with ...umsGanze! in Jungle World 5/12

Leftist groups from various European countries are planning a Europe-wide, anti-capitalist day of action on March 31st. The German »…ums Ganze!« network is part of the »M31« alliance that currently coordinates German and international protests. Jungle World asked for the motivations behind their call for action.

Against integration and exclusion
...umsGanze! Call for Action of the 2011 campaign against Racism and Social Chauvinism

The pitch is getting harsher, government policies even crazier and the prospects for the future ever more brutal. There is every reason to take up arms against these bleak conditions. But instead of this we kick downwards, where we still can. Yet: it cannot stay like this. The communist ‘…ums Ganze’ federation invites you therefore to a pleasant uprising against social chauvinism, racism and capitalism.

Shift Magazine - Issue 7 (Sept 09 - Jan 10)

In the UK, we hear a lot about a strong autonomous Antifa movement in Germany. Could you give us a bit of an idea how this has come about?

The autonomous Antifa is part of the radical left movement which developed following 1968. After the protests of the early 1970s had faded, the radical left seemed to be in a dead-end. A large part of the left occupied itself with the debate over the armed struggle of the RAF and other armed groups, as well as with their conditions of imprisonment. Another part organized in orthodox communist splinter groups. Although strong in numbers, by the early 1980s both approaches had lost contact to societal discourse and struggles.

Without a radical critique every action becomes mere activism- reflections on the anti-G8 mobilisation 2007
Shift Magazine - Issue 1 (Sept 07 - Jan 08)

Without a doubt, it was the event for the European left this summer: anti-racist groups, queer activists, squatters, debt-relief groups, anti-fascists, trade unionists, environmental organizations…in June, all of them travelled to the small German village of Heiligendamm in order to express disagreement or even disrupt the G8 summit.

Basic Text for the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm/Germany

With “Growth and Responsibility” as a guiding theme the Germany summit of the G8 (Group of the 7 most powerful states plus Russia) will take place at the Baltic Sea village Heiligendamm from June 6th - 8th 2007. When such empty phrases - probably safeguarding the sad existence of a whole legion of PR-specialists - are presented to the public, it becomes obvious to the most people: Propaganda takes over.