20 years after the abolishment of the Right of Asylum 20 years after the Solingen arson attack
Call for Action for a nationwide Campaign and Demonstration 2013

Right after German Reunification, a racist campaign of media hate speech and violence led to the abolishment of the constitutional right of asylum. Neonazis, respectable citizens and mainstream parties all acted in consent and declared, that in Germany there was no space left for asylum seekers. During the pogrom of Rostock-Lichtenhagen, the political parties CDU/CSU, FDP and SPD agreed to change the constitution.

Fight capitalism 100%!
Call for action of the umsGanze!-network for M31, the European Day of Action against Capitalism, march 31st, 2012

An undead is haunting Europe – the undead of neoliberalism. With the outbreak of the banking and financial crisis, this kind of capitalism seemed to be ruined. Protest movements, bourgeois newspaper feuilletons, and even liberal and conservative economic ideologues suddenly complained about severe aberrations and ‘excesses of the markets’. But the sought-after change of course didn’t materialize. In some curious way, neoliberalism is staying alive. Somehow, it refuses to die.

Against integration and exclusion
...umsGanze! Call for Action of the 2011 campaign against Racism and Social Chauvinism

The pitch is getting harsher, government policies even crazier and the prospects for the future ever more brutal. There is every reason to take up arms against these bleak conditions. But instead of this we kick downwards, where we still can. Yet: it cannot stay like this. The communist ‘…ums Ganze’ federation invites you therefore to a pleasant uprising against social chauvinism, racism and capitalism.

Basic Text for the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm/Germany

With “Growth and Responsibility” as a guiding theme the Germany summit of the G8 (Group of the 7 most powerful states plus Russia) will take place at the Baltic Sea village Heiligendamm from June 6th - 8th 2007. When such empty phrases - probably safeguarding the sad existence of a whole legion of PR-specialists - are presented to the public, it becomes obvious to the most people: Propaganda takes over.