Out Now: Routes Sucrées #2 on Racism

New English Edition of the Legendary 'Straßen aus Zucker'

In this se­cond issue of Rou­tes Sucrées we con­cer­ned our­sel­ves with ra­cism – ano­ther bo­un­da­ry of the world we did not agree on. We tried to find out how these struc­tu­res arose, how they func­tion and how they are
main­tained – still se­pa­ra­ting us from the be­au­ti­ful life. To work on this issue wasn‘t easy. How can we write about ra­cism alt­hough we our­sel­ves have no di­rect ex­pe­ri­ence of it? There are peop­le who can choo­se whe­ther and when they want to deal with ra­cism. They do not per­man­ent­ly need to ex­plain their sound know­ledge of Ger­man. They do not need to know the mea­ning of their name. No one asks them to "in­te­gra­te" or „to leave again“. We hope you like our texts and interviews. All articles were first released in German and have now been translated into English: Welcome to Routes Sucrées!

Routes sucrées is an inter-/antinational leftist magazine that focuses on providing undogmatic food for thought for a liberated society – one free of capitalism, sexism, homophobia, the state, racism and other forms of domination. One that we, for lack of a better name, would call communism. Routes sucrées is the 'little sister' of a German youth magazine entitled Straßen aus Zucker, which has a circulation of over 180,000 copies and has now been in existence for almost 5 years. The first issue of Routes sucrées was published in December 2012 and was distributed in the UK, the USA, Australia and India, among other places. By publishing our articles in English (and soon in Spanish and other languages as well) we wish to further an international debate on how to bring about emancipation. Unlike a lot of leftist magazines, we try to break information down into a form that is easy to understand, yet doesn‘t oversimplify. If you would like to help us by translating articles or by distributing the paper, please contact us. We are not affiliated with any party or large organization – we are a dedicated volunteer-run collective of individuals and people from the undogmatic left-communist group TOP – Theory, Organisation, Praxis. Our project provides an important platform for left debates in the German-speaking world. We hope to continue this with our friends and allies from around the world!

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