Feminism is Class War

Conference on feminist class politics

Who are "the classes" of today? And who belongs to „the working class"? Coal miners from Lusatia, industrial workers threatened by automation, the DHL-deliverer or nursing staff in privatized hospitals? The class is in permanent changeling and has always been. Old milieus are in the process of dissolution, new ones arise. Last but not least, numerous class struggles take place not only in production, but also in the field of reproduction, such as social infrastructure of care and care work. Or in the struggles for livable urban spaces.

At present, debates are multiplying around the "new class politics“ - a demand in the Marxist sense, which is supposed to take the needs of the laborer and also the socially suspended, seriously . But not only that: New class politics hold the promise not to declare anti-racism, feminism and struggles of recognition as secondary issues, but to embrace  them . Under these new circumstances "class" has to be rethought. But how do we succeed in that?

Especially the connection between gender and class has been ignored for a long time. "The women's and the workers' movements look back on a mutual history of alliances, missed opportunities, open hostility, rapprochement, and alienation," states Cinzia Arruzza. In early social democracy, lively discussions took place about August Bebel's „Die Frau und der Sozialismus“.
Till date, this relationship has not finally been resolved. When workers abolish gender injustice and feminists lose sight of the fundamental constraints of wage laborers in capitalism, both miss the chance of a promising synergy. What’s left are two political movements without direction, without concrete forms of action and resistance.
Therefore, we need feminism and  class politics to act together.

The conference aims to bring theoreticians and practitioners of feminist and anti-exploitation struggles together and to make the debate productive for concrete means of left-wing politics.

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